Glowing Bright

by Liar Boy

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allzy so much talent and passion put into this, you can truly hear it in every single song..this album makes me feel good inside
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released March 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Liar Boy Frisco, Texas

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Track Name: Turning
i wanted to say something but what can you do
i said something wrong again what can you do
so the house is burning
to the ground
Track Name: I Was it Wasn't
you knew what you wanted you looked right through me
when you fly you wont land on ur feet youll break ur wings
the way youll leave itll change something inside of me

i wasnt FLIPPIN' kidding when i told you
you wont believe me but i know you
Track Name: Warn Me
without any warning the light began to pour in
i think of something important but then my head starts to spin
Track Name: Show Love
i saw the pattern there
and you wont let me know and i wont let it show
homesick factor
chained down to the bed youll find out whats in me head
Track Name: Intermission
dont waste my time
i want you for mine
wont you take me
stay out of the streets
if ur too much
ill hold a grudge
i need it bad
so stop being so sad

Track Name: Bleed Thru
it stuck to you but it wont bleed thru
and you know that yeah thats what you asked for
and you showed it off and then he went off
then you started seeing the patterns on the screen

now ur taking pills alone in ur room
without knowing what theyre supposed to do
the emptiness is all thats left when its just you
Track Name: Quick
all of my pictures but are you preserved
the motions they quickened but dont lock the door
she starts to wonder where her boys gone

Track Name: Window
the moment changed me
we were estranged
i read ur face
it said i want to leave this place
we all feel that way

but thats ok because the acid rain
is gonna rot my brain and everythings just fine
yeah thats ok because the acid rain
is gonna rot my brian and i dont mind
Track Name: See U There
will i see u there
next to me
i want u to see
the way u stare
thru all things
are u still hurting
or are u just scared
that soon theyll (we'll) see
that ur just empty

did u mean what u said
sometimes i wish u were dead
u pulled a single piece of thread
now it all comes undone
now we all come undone

ive been waiting for u here
but i doubt you remember
its just that time of year
when its best to surrender